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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 |

I am a toufu, and my name's Toufu! *jumps up and down hsyterically*

The first thing i do every morning is wake up and look into the mirror.
Then I tell myself : " I'm the cutest Toufu ever."

After that I have a walk outside, under the bright sun.
Toufus need sunlight to grow normally, you know.
I also visit my favourite plant - Ding Ding.
But Ding Ding's getting more and more small as I always forget to water it.

I sunbath on the car while waiting for lunch.
I hate getting dark so I stay in the shade.

Lunch Time!
Gotta wash my hands first.

Waiting in the microwave to be cooked.
Obviously lunch is ME.

Then I'm placed in a plate and served on the table.
I ALWAYS look yummy.
I'll beat abalones anytime! *shows fist though i don't have any*

Apparently no one wants to eat me. *sobs*
All of them preferred maggi mee over me.
So I go and check my cellphone.
I get calls everday from other toufus.
We toufus are busy people also.

Since no one called me, I decided to go play with my friends.
Friend No. 1 : Jigglypuff.
Jigglypuff is round and fat and weighs A LOT.

Friend No. 2 : Pikachu
Finally someone I can ride on.
I bit off Pikachu's red cheek sometime ago.
Hey, he looks nicer without it.
Planning to bite off the other one soon.

Things get bored after a while,
so i went to watch a movie.
FOC! But the seats aren't that comfortable.
And the movies won't always be what I wanna see.

Chocolates are movies MUST!
Toufus eat chocolate to maintain their body structure.
We have to be fat everyday, too bad.

Dinner time!
But I wasn't one of the ingredients,
so I went back to glancing at myself in the mirror.
Ain't I the most cutest toufu ever? *sighs dreamily*

Reading books before bed time.
I read books too, okay.
Flipping books page by page is a tiring job that strengthens the body.

Bed time.
Roll around in my tissue bed and fall asleep.

Life isn't easy being a toufu.
I'm Toufu, and thanks for reading.



I know you're all laughing. And just stop it. I made everything up, and it sounds really really stupid. >.<

Toufu my head.

Anyway the toufu stuffed toy belongs to my sister. She threw it to me when I was busy photo-ing her Jigglypuff. She said it was more cute.

I was playing around with my dad's SLR camera this morning, trying to get to know at least the basics about it, and thus these photos were produced.

Some are good (for me lar, not to any pros) while some are just normal. I guess I still have a long way to go. I'm open for suggestions. I'm a noob at SLR. I'm just starting to figure out the exposure and aperture and f/stop thingy.

Anyway it's fun taking photos. And I like the last photo the most.


  1. LOLS~ xiang~
    ur toufu is so CUTE~ XD
    I wasn't know that toufus have their life also~
    Quite special =)
    U still new in photography mah~
    After few months, u will be so pro de lah~
    Gambate~ =)

    ** I like the pic which toufu inside the microwave

  2. tis not stupid very cute
    ur toufu too cute..
    ur sis will rugi..lost a cutest toufu in the world..haha^^

  3. omg jigglypuff!! cuter than the toufu. Lol.
    but then your story is very interesting. doesnt sound stupid. :)


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