I ❤ life, do you?

Saturday, May 2, 2009 |

If there's just a little time left in your life
How will you face it?

Setbacks and frustration is unavoidable in our life
But compared to these kids
Shouldn't you be more grateful and appreciate your life?

They want to live
They want their lives to go on
But they have no choice..

Before you ever have the thought of ending your life
Think of these kids
These kids that are struggling to live

Love your life
and never give up on it.


This is actually a charity activity in Taiwan, mainly conducted by artist Hei Ren. I was touched when i first saw this CM, and i read through a lot of news about it.

More and more artists are taking part in this charity, such as Jay Chou, Jolin Chai, Ah Mei... All the money from the charity was going to be donated to all those kids that were struggling for their life, and hoping to live longer.

We might not be in Taiwan, and we might not be able to help out in this charity. But what we can do is spread the news, pray for those kids, and,
love our own lives.

I'm Shanay. I love life.

Do you?

Love Life official website


  1. my heart totally give in to all those kids. they even havent start their speech my eyes already become watery. im so sensitive mannn... TT
    another thing what happen to liljay's hair??? hahahahaha x)

  2. Ya Ya I agree with those lovely Kids ^_^
    Never give up..


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