Fundamental Photography

Monday, May 25, 2009 |

Felicia msn-ing with her phone during class
The lecturer just let us chat with each other that time.

Had my first ever class at Segi College - Fundamental Photography.

Felicia and I got there at around 11am. Class started at 12noon, and i forgot why we wanted to come so early. Met with Ah Yean and we sent in our photos for student ID card and all, before going up to find our classroom.

We wandered around on 7th floor, not sure where to go as the classroom was still empty. Turned out we could go in straight away and open the air-con and lights ourselves. The three of us were the 1st people to get there. Teehee.

More and more people arrived until the classroom was packed with 54 people. Note to self : come early for every class. There aren't enough tables for the people who are the last to come.

We waited for the lecturer , Mr. Fauzi to come, but instead another lecturer turned up. Mr. Fauzi couldn't make it and he sent another guy to replace him for this class.

And the class turned up a bit boring. We had the usual intros and give out of study guides. Then the lecturer tried asking us questions and wanting us to get in a conversation, but most of us stayed quiet.

Then we went through the study guide page by page. I didn't even understand half the things the lecturer said. All the components and functions of SLR camera? Might as well shoot me dead.

And we have to produce a total of 205 photos as assignments for this sem. Every photo had to have a creativity idea and skills and technique in it.

The class went out not as quite as I expected, but I still have one more class on Thursday. Hopefully Mr. Fauzi will turn up that day.

Tomorrow I have 2 classes, 9am-4pm. Will Malaysian Studies and Color and Form be harder than photography?


  1. SLR camera =.=
    I think lecturer say wrongly bah~
    Should be Diploma in Photography XD

  2. Lol. taking pictures! i love pictures. esp those stocks type. =)
    tak cukup tables? LOL. malaysian studies is hella boring. good luck! xD

  3. 你在那裡讀segi college ya??

    gambateh :)

  4. where u study segi ya??

    wat mean Fundamental Photography.??

    haha aemy duno le~~paisei

    so enjoy yr new school life ??


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