Monday, May 18, 2009 |

Finished dealing with my background. Finally. Still looks strange to me, but at least it's something I can cope with. I wanted to go with a calm, smoothing style, but it turned out so NOT as I planned.

As for all the people asking, the photo isn't mine. It's not me in the photo, and I didn't take it either. It actually a photo taking of WAHSH's Tang Guo which I found somewhere on the net. You'll have to be impressed by the photographer's technique and the thinking of taking the photo from such a angle.

And for people asking how I change my background. I usually just use the "edit HTML" function in blogger. Change the codes(both CSS and HTML) and wah lah~ you have a newly different background that's unique among others.

The codes...? Find out yourself. I've spent 3 years figuring it all out and I still get stuck sometimes. Good luck~


School's starting on Friday. Somehow it doesn't feel anything but fake to me. It's like I wake up one day and suddenly I'm scheduling to go to college already.

I dunno how I can make it feel more real to me.

I'm scared, worried and excited at the same time. Somehow I have the feeling that I won't get to be at the top of class anymore. Till now I still doubt that I can actually survive this course.

I'm filled with worries that can either increase or disappear when I step in to college.

Hopefully everything will be just fine.

I need it to be fine. For me.

1 comment:

  1. Xiang~
    I also so scare and so worry...
    I scared i cant follow the lesson...
    Some seniors said account nid memorise for so many things... >_<

    :: Hope all will be fine ::


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