Start of my College Life [SCSJ - DIPGD]

Friday, May 22, 2009 |

Finally, after months of vacation, my college life has started.

I'm a Segi student now! Even though I still haven't got my student ID card.

Woke up in the morning early, so I could get to school before 9:30am, which was the time the orientation was to start.

For some unknown reason, i kept thinking of things that I forgot to bring while i was wearing my shoe and had to rush back into the house to get it. Guess that delayed my time.

And I got stuck a bit around the South City area. It was already 9pm when I finally got on to Kesas Highway! I had to fly my car there at a speed of 110km/h. And I still had to find some place to park at the housing area opposite of Segi College Subang Jaya.

Thankfully I was just a few minutes late when I got to the registration counter. Went up to the 6th floor, where i realized that today's orientation was for FOCAD ( Faculty of Creative Art and Design) new students only. We were the last group of the week. No wonder it was on a Friday.

I crept into the theater hall where about about 40 other people were already seated. I found myself a seat at the last row to avoid the attention of being late. One really bad idea. People around me were talking to each other, knowing each other, and I was alone.

At that moment I was scared I won't be able to get any friends at all.

Knew the guy sitting beside me though. His name was Replay, very unique name, kinda reminds me of Glory. I thought he was Malay at first, but he actually spoke Chinese to me! Din get the chance to ask him what his race was.

Had some speech and introductions of lecturers, and then ice-breaking. My group was a bit shy, unlike other groups who were so energetic. But it turned out okay. At least we got to know each other.

Then there were a series of talks again. Library, computer lab, bursary, student council, exams, PTPTN..... Some of the talkers just read their slide when we could simply read it ourselves. But some were good, and added a lot of info to my mind.

Still blur about everything, the student council gave us a tour around the building. Everything here needed money, money and money. Wireless needed RM28 per month. God. I thought wireless was free at every school campus.

Failed an exam? Money. Late payment? Money. Library book missing? Money. Student ID missing? Money. Everywhere seems like a "$" symbol to me.

Had lunch afterwards. I had known two new friends, Felicia (Fen she's got the same name as you, seriously!) and Ah Yen. They were really nice to me. Kinda touching. There goes my worries about failing to find my own gang of friends.

Too bad we're not in the same course. I still havent actually known anyone taking graphic design.

Then we met with the dean of the faculty and got out timetables, academic calendar...etc etc. All design classes were having class together for this sem's foundation subject, so at least i know i can sit with my friends during class.

I'm sure I'll get to know the others soon. Even though the majority is malay and boys.

School starting next Mon. Fundamental Photography. I don't even know what it means. Darn.


  1. wireless need RM28 per month???
    not free de meh...=='

    park in d campus la...outside dangerous la

  2. LOLS xiang~
    there are a lot of people name as FELICIA lah =.=
    At least u know about your time table...
    Not like me....i still blur about it....Zzzzzz

  3. wifi need money! hahahahahah
    seriously i have a friend name felicia too. never thought this name could be famous. Lol!
    its gona be start of something new next week! :)


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