Bad Mood..Recovering

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 |

I'm in a bad mood. Sorry to the auntie who's car I accidentally scratched. I really didn't mean it. And I'm not gonna find any excuses because it was really all MY fault. Hope the scratch isn't too deep and obvious.

And for anyone who saw me bump into the car... Just forget it, ok?

I'm really feeling very bad about it.


Went to McDonalds for lunch today. My bro said he'd treat me so we went to wait in the line to order.

Then we glanced at the menu. And my mood got even worse when i saw the menu.

There was no more Mc-nuggets in the mcvalue lunch package anymore!!!!!!!!!

I was all "What was going on????"

I even had my bro double check with the MCD staff. After confirmation, Mc-nuggets had officially went back to RM8.10 per set. WTF.

Is it that nuggets are selling too good and Mcdonal is feeling that it's losing money OR nuggets are selling too poor and Mcdonal feels that it is a waste to put it in the package since no one buys it at all???

Whatever reason it is..they can't just exclude it from the package!!! Just like that!!!

And the double cheese burger also, even though I've never ate that burger before.

I'm not that much a fan of Filet-O-Fish... I love nuggets. *pouts mouth*


Then when I went to Giant to buy some things, the gate that was supposed to be checking if anyone was trying to sneak things out of the supermarket, well, it just RANG.

"ti ti ti ti ti...."

Just as I was WALKING IN to Giant

I couldn't believe it. The people around were all looking at me ( which was totally embarrassing ) while d security came over and asked to see my bag.

I just CAME IN! Do you honestly expect I'd steal things from your supermarket when I haven't even walked in????? I'm not super women or doraemon or anything like that!

I dunno what was in my bag that triggered that gate. It wasn't the car keys, the door keys, my water bottle or any other things I bought.

When I came out. It rang again. This time, I just showed the receipt to the security and walked away. *humps*

My bro thinks it's my ring that was in my bag that caused it. But the ring doesn't have any metal in it at all! I thought the gates only responded to those metal strips??

Stupid gate.

I guess things aren't going so well for me today. Bad mood-ing.


  1. Why u r so unlucky today?? =.=
    My double cheese burger~~~ T.T

  2. u r veri unlucky o...u better go pray a lot...

  3. omg xiang fillet-O-fish rocks mannn!! i order it everytime i went. :)
    and since when Giant changed to Gaint? hahahaha..
    dont feel soooo bad xiang your still new to driving.

  4. Yesterday was ur unlucky day. But today is ur lucky day ^_^

    The other day I wanted to tell u that McNuggets was excluded from the McValue Lunch Menu.. But my favourite Spicy Chicken McDeluxe was included at RM7.95

    It is still not cheap =3=

  5. McChicken n McDeluxe r nice la...i seldom eat MCD's nuggets

  6. huh?
    i only eat Mc-muggets in the lunch package
    no need eat Mcd ard lo..
    no more cheap cheap...T.T


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