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Monday, May 11, 2009 |

My scholarship Official Letter

So after all the application forms, interviews and WAITING, I've finally gotten my scholarship from 8TV.

27k tuition fee... all FREE!

Awesome, right?

I went to the Scholarship presentation at Segi College Kota Damansara this morning, where 14 more people received the scholarship together with me.

Just had a little ceremony for us to receive our scholarship and pose for the reporters to take photos. *swt* We even had to ACT as if we were in deep discussion between each other about the scholarship.

Look out to see if I'm on the news tonight on 8TV! (Even though I highly doubt you'll see a lot of me. I didn't even get interviewed or photoed or anything.)

The video conference room where the function was held.
Full of SEGi and 8TV banners.

Me and the other 14 scholarship recipients, (4 absent)
along with 8TV and SEG international representatives.

Thank you 8TV for sponsoring my education. =)

School's gonna start soon!

I need some time to get use to that sentence. I've just started to enjoy my holiday. Hehe.


  1. good ma...dun nid pay so much fees for ur study!!!Congratulations...

  2. congrate xiang~ xD
    All start skul le TT

  3. gona start your college life soon! you'll get excited for the 1st few weeks and after that....
    LOL x)

  4. congratulations young lad~
    proud of you =D
    see, u did it ^^

  5. Congrats me fellow scholar! ;)


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