Sunday, May 31, 2009 |

I need to be happy of my life. It may not be perfect ( by the way, its quite far from perfect), but it's enough for me.

I have the best friends a girl could ask for. Whom time won't change. They're the source of my happiness. They back me up no matter what I say

I have everything I need, everything I asked for.

My family is always there for me. There's always someone waiting for me to come home, no matter what time, either noon or late night.

I really should appreciate my life.

And quit the sulking....

Life as a toufu - by Toufu

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 |

I am a toufu, and my name's Toufu! *jumps up and down hsyterically*

The first thing i do every morning is wake up and look into the mirror.
Then I tell myself : " I'm the cutest Toufu ever."

After that I have a walk outside, under the bright sun.
Toufus need sunlight to grow normally, you know.
I also visit my favourite plant - Ding Ding.
But Ding Ding's getting more and more small as I always forget to water it.

I sunbath on the car while waiting for lunch.
I hate getting dark so I stay in the shade.

Lunch Time!
Gotta wash my hands first.

Waiting in the microwave to be cooked.
Obviously lunch is ME.

Then I'm placed in a plate and served on the table.
I ALWAYS look yummy.
I'll beat abalones anytime! *shows fist though i don't have any*

Apparently no one wants to eat me. *sobs*
All of them preferred maggi mee over me.
So I go and check my cellphone.
I get calls everday from other toufus.
We toufus are busy people also.

Since no one called me, I decided to go play with my friends.
Friend No. 1 : Jigglypuff.
Jigglypuff is round and fat and weighs A LOT.

Friend No. 2 : Pikachu
Finally someone I can ride on.
I bit off Pikachu's red cheek sometime ago.
Hey, he looks nicer without it.
Planning to bite off the other one soon.

Things get bored after a while,
so i went to watch a movie.
FOC! But the seats aren't that comfortable.
And the movies won't always be what I wanna see.

Chocolates are movies MUST!
Toufus eat chocolate to maintain their body structure.
We have to be fat everyday, too bad.

Dinner time!
But I wasn't one of the ingredients,
so I went back to glancing at myself in the mirror.
Ain't I the most cutest toufu ever? *sighs dreamily*

Reading books before bed time.
I read books too, okay.
Flipping books page by page is a tiring job that strengthens the body.

Bed time.
Roll around in my tissue bed and fall asleep.

Life isn't easy being a toufu.
I'm Toufu, and thanks for reading.



I know you're all laughing. And just stop it. I made everything up, and it sounds really really stupid. >.<

Toufu my head.

Anyway the toufu stuffed toy belongs to my sister. She threw it to me when I was busy photo-ing her Jigglypuff. She said it was more cute.

I was playing around with my dad's SLR camera this morning, trying to get to know at least the basics about it, and thus these photos were produced.

Some are good (for me lar, not to any pros) while some are just normal. I guess I still have a long way to go. I'm open for suggestions. I'm a noob at SLR. I'm just starting to figure out the exposure and aperture and f/stop thingy.

Anyway it's fun taking photos. And I like the last photo the most.

Malaysian Studies + Color and Form

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 |

First time I had class at 9am. Woke up at 7:30am and rushed out of the house. There were a hell lot of cars on the road, car jams at almost everywhere. Got to college barely in time.

Malaysian Studies was the first class of the day, and the lecturer was Mr. Zakaria. Other than the classroom being too cold and too small for the cavity of 60 people, all was fine. Malaysian Studies turned out to be HISTORY and a little more. God save me, I've forgotten everything I've read from my Sejarah books!!!

Somehow I just have the feeling I won't be actually agreeing with Mr. Z's political/religion views in a few ways.

After 2 hours rest time we had Color and Form taught by Mr.Roslan. The class was way more fun compared to others. Too bad we didn't get to do any coloring in class as there wasn't enough time.

And we got our 1st-sorta-assignment. Not that thats something to be excited about. XD

College classes are WAY BETTER than high school classes. Guess it goes with the money. =.='''

Fundamental Photography

Monday, May 25, 2009 |

Felicia msn-ing with her phone during class
The lecturer just let us chat with each other that time.

Had my first ever class at Segi College - Fundamental Photography.

Felicia and I got there at around 11am. Class started at 12noon, and i forgot why we wanted to come so early. Met with Ah Yean and we sent in our photos for student ID card and all, before going up to find our classroom.

We wandered around on 7th floor, not sure where to go as the classroom was still empty. Turned out we could go in straight away and open the air-con and lights ourselves. The three of us were the 1st people to get there. Teehee.

More and more people arrived until the classroom was packed with 54 people. Note to self : come early for every class. There aren't enough tables for the people who are the last to come.

We waited for the lecturer , Mr. Fauzi to come, but instead another lecturer turned up. Mr. Fauzi couldn't make it and he sent another guy to replace him for this class.

And the class turned up a bit boring. We had the usual intros and give out of study guides. Then the lecturer tried asking us questions and wanting us to get in a conversation, but most of us stayed quiet.

Then we went through the study guide page by page. I didn't even understand half the things the lecturer said. All the components and functions of SLR camera? Might as well shoot me dead.

And we have to produce a total of 205 photos as assignments for this sem. Every photo had to have a creativity idea and skills and technique in it.

The class went out not as quite as I expected, but I still have one more class on Thursday. Hopefully Mr. Fauzi will turn up that day.

Tomorrow I have 2 classes, 9am-4pm. Will Malaysian Studies and Color and Form be harder than photography?


Saturday, May 23, 2009 |

I feel lonely.

Not just because my best friend is leaving.

College is lonely too. New friends just aren't old friends. And everyone seems like strangers to you. Groups of people are forming up around you while you're still standing alone, watching them.

Someone told me I worried too much. That i was worrying about stupid things that were not my own business.

But I can't help but worry. My life is full of worries.

Save me...?

Start of my College Life [SCSJ - DIPGD]

Friday, May 22, 2009 |

Finally, after months of vacation, my college life has started.

I'm a Segi student now! Even though I still haven't got my student ID card.

Woke up in the morning early, so I could get to school before 9:30am, which was the time the orientation was to start.

For some unknown reason, i kept thinking of things that I forgot to bring while i was wearing my shoe and had to rush back into the house to get it. Guess that delayed my time.

And I got stuck a bit around the South City area. It was already 9pm when I finally got on to Kesas Highway! I had to fly my car there at a speed of 110km/h. And I still had to find some place to park at the housing area opposite of Segi College Subang Jaya.

Thankfully I was just a few minutes late when I got to the registration counter. Went up to the 6th floor, where i realized that today's orientation was for FOCAD ( Faculty of Creative Art and Design) new students only. We were the last group of the week. No wonder it was on a Friday.

I crept into the theater hall where about about 40 other people were already seated. I found myself a seat at the last row to avoid the attention of being late. One really bad idea. People around me were talking to each other, knowing each other, and I was alone.

At that moment I was scared I won't be able to get any friends at all.

Knew the guy sitting beside me though. His name was Replay, very unique name, kinda reminds me of Glory. I thought he was Malay at first, but he actually spoke Chinese to me! Din get the chance to ask him what his race was.

Had some speech and introductions of lecturers, and then ice-breaking. My group was a bit shy, unlike other groups who were so energetic. But it turned out okay. At least we got to know each other.

Then there were a series of talks again. Library, computer lab, bursary, student council, exams, PTPTN..... Some of the talkers just read their slide when we could simply read it ourselves. But some were good, and added a lot of info to my mind.

Still blur about everything, the student council gave us a tour around the building. Everything here needed money, money and money. Wireless needed RM28 per month. God. I thought wireless was free at every school campus.

Failed an exam? Money. Late payment? Money. Library book missing? Money. Student ID missing? Money. Everywhere seems like a "$" symbol to me.

Had lunch afterwards. I had known two new friends, Felicia (Fen she's got the same name as you, seriously!) and Ah Yen. They were really nice to me. Kinda touching. There goes my worries about failing to find my own gang of friends.

Too bad we're not in the same course. I still havent actually known anyone taking graphic design.

Then we met with the dean of the faculty and got out timetables, academic calendar...etc etc. All design classes were having class together for this sem's foundation subject, so at least i know i can sit with my friends during class.

I'm sure I'll get to know the others soon. Even though the majority is malay and boys.

School starting next Mon. Fundamental Photography. I don't even know what it means. Darn.

Random News

Thursday, May 21, 2009 |

Just found this.

15 out of 218 applications? I feel honored. XD

But 218 isn't a lot, i guess.

The JPA scholarship must have had thousands or maybe millions of applications!

But the difference is why I actually got the scholarship. Less competition. It's not like I'm a straight A/A1 student after all.

But according to the recent news, I could actually have gotten a shot at the JPA scholarship thingy to go overseas! (Even though I won't, unless certain circumstances). But sadly I didn't apply because I knew there were hell lotta people with more As than me.

No offense to those who did apply but failed to get it. =)

New start

Finally the day is here. Technically its tomorrow, but that's almost the same.

Tomorrow will be my first ever orientation day and the start of my college life. A huge turning point of my life.

I'm nervous and I'm freaked out. Completely. My whole mind is worrying about driving there safely instead of the fact that I'll be facing a completely new environment.

Subang Jaya has just too many cars AND traffic lights.

Hopefully I won't get lost.

Segi College awaits me.

Going to sleep early tonight. =) Busy day tomorrow.

Boring Life

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 |

My life must be boring enough till i rack my brain out and still can't find something worth blogging.

Counting the days till college life starts.


Monday, May 18, 2009 |

Finished dealing with my background. Finally. Still looks strange to me, but at least it's something I can cope with. I wanted to go with a calm, smoothing style, but it turned out so NOT as I planned.

As for all the people asking, the photo isn't mine. It's not me in the photo, and I didn't take it either. It actually a photo taking of WAHSH's Tang Guo which I found somewhere on the net. You'll have to be impressed by the photographer's technique and the thinking of taking the photo from such a angle.

And for people asking how I change my background. I usually just use the "edit HTML" function in blogger. Change the codes(both CSS and HTML) and wah lah~ you have a newly different background that's unique among others.

The codes...? Find out yourself. I've spent 3 years figuring it all out and I still get stuck sometimes. Good luck~


School's starting on Friday. Somehow it doesn't feel anything but fake to me. It's like I wake up one day and suddenly I'm scheduling to go to college already.

I dunno how I can make it feel more real to me.

I'm scared, worried and excited at the same time. Somehow I have the feeling that I won't get to be at the top of class anymore. Till now I still doubt that I can actually survive this course.

I'm filled with worries that can either increase or disappear when I step in to college.

Hopefully everything will be just fine.

I need it to be fine. For me.


Sunday, May 17, 2009 |

My blog background sucks.

I know.

Just have to deal with it later. And leave it like this for now.

Don't get me wrong

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 |

Whatever you saw, or whatever you heard from anyone...Let's get this clear... I'm not going form 6!!! It was just all a BIG misunderstanding.

I know there's no need to freak out at all on this, but I don't want people to get the wrong idea, I don't like to explain the same things over and over again to everyone i meet, it gets irritating after some time.

Now you maybe asking, what in the hell did I do to cause such misunderstandings?

Actually all I did was fulfill my duty as a FRIEND. And I was a very good one. *pouts mouth*

So I got a call from Rou Fui this morning, and the next thing I know, I was waiting for the bus with her at Seri Kembangan.

I accompanied her to SMK St. John ( at Bukit Nanas, near Masjid Jamek) to apply for a transfer to the form 6 there.

Count the floors....

St.John had 5-storey blocks!!! One of them was even-partially-underground! And there were air-cons everywhere! ( Sadly not in classrooms)

But I'm not tempted by those things.

Then I had to follow them to a video conference room or something where all the lower 6 students were having an orientation. I swear I saw at least 10 people that I knew sitting there, looking at me with a what-is-she-doing-here-look. And unlike the others, who were in school uniform, I was in casual clothing.

Very, very not comfortable scenario.

It was even worse when Rou Fui had to stay there with them for the remaining time. I had to sit down with her. And cover my face in the mean time. Thank god they were released 10-15 minutes later.

And everyone spoke English there! Fluent English with a lot of humor in it. I can speak English, okay, no problem, but with some humor? Sorry, that's a can't-do.

Poor Fui. XD

Never mind anyway, my mum just told me the principal of SMK St.John once told her they love having students from SMK Seri Kembangan at their school. Cause we totally increase their grades in STPM. They won't care if your English sucks when you can make their school proud. =)


After that, I went to Times Square with Rou Fui. We were a bit worried on how to get there, but we got there just fine.

We chatted all the way from Masjid Jamek to Hang Tuah then to Berjaya Time's Square. We were like non-stop opening and closing our mouths. And we chatted all the way through lunch also. We used to do that during tuition. Kinda miss that feeling. It was great to feel it again.

And I finally got my chance to meet Rou Fui's boyfriend. She complained to me last night that even Yap Fung has seen her bf, while I, as 1 of her best friends, has never met him in real person.

No comment on her bf. And, btw, that's a good thing.

I'm happy as long as she's happy. And she definitely looked happy. I'll keep quiet of everything I saw and heard today. *crackles evilly*

Thanks for the ride home anyway, even though you might not even see this.

Seeing them makes me feel lonely.

Slightly, just slightly.

I'm on the news!

Sign up to be a 8TV member and see me. XD At the middle part of the 11 minutes 8TV 8pm news.

Ignore the fact that I look stupid. =.= Especially the swing-hair thing.

One of my friends said that I should be proud. It's not every day you get to get on the news, even if it isn't a big deal. =)

(credits 8TV 11 May 2009)

p/s can someone pls tell me if there is a way to download that movie?

8TV scholarship

Monday, May 11, 2009 |

My scholarship Official Letter

So after all the application forms, interviews and WAITING, I've finally gotten my scholarship from 8TV.

27k tuition fee... all FREE!

Awesome, right?

I went to the Scholarship presentation at Segi College Kota Damansara this morning, where 14 more people received the scholarship together with me.

Just had a little ceremony for us to receive our scholarship and pose for the reporters to take photos. *swt* We even had to ACT as if we were in deep discussion between each other about the scholarship.

Look out to see if I'm on the news tonight on 8TV! (Even though I highly doubt you'll see a lot of me. I didn't even get interviewed or photoed or anything.)

The video conference room where the function was held.
Full of SEGi and 8TV banners.

Me and the other 14 scholarship recipients, (4 absent)
along with 8TV and SEG international representatives.

Thank you 8TV for sponsoring my education. =)

School's gonna start soon!

I need some time to get use to that sentence. I've just started to enjoy my holiday. Hehe.

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009 |

Happy Mother's Day !! To all mums around the world and especially my MUM~!

Just wanted to post my mum's presents. =) Too tired to write anything else.

Paper flowers, Polo Bag and new pencil case for mummy =)


Jiah Hooi's presant. From Yaw, Wai Yan and me.

Specially made box cover.

Jiah Hooi's leaving for Kedah today at 12 noon. It'll be one year there. It doesn't sound long, but it ain't a short time either.

And this is all just the start.

One day, we'll all be leaving, one by one. No one's gonna stay put forever. We have to move on, move forward. The world outside is waiting for us to explore. This is just a part of growing up.

I hate goodbyes.

But sooner or later we have to say it.

撑过去 就是你的了
祝 一路顺风

Mother's Day Present

Friday, May 8, 2009 |

Been busy making my mum's mother's day present. And it's hard to keep all the things hidden when all my materials are downstairs.

I'm running out of time!!!!

And my present turned out to be harder to make than I thought. Just in case there are people who duno, mother's day is this Sunday (10/5). At least wish your mum "Happy Mother's Day" if you don't happen to have any gifts to give. =)

unfinished fake flowers

side view

That's right, I made fake flowers. Real flowers were too expensive and hard to find.

Mainly made out of
1. paper (yellow, pink, white and blue for the flowers, green for the leaves)
2. green color straws (the kind that bends at the middle top)
3. grape color thin sugar paper
4. shiny shiny red paper.

And A LOT of sticky tape.

Of course that isn't my only gift. But let's leave the surprise for Sunday. =)

p/s my bro and sis did help out-a bit. At least my sis helped me fold the flowers.

Bad Mood..Recovering

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 |

I'm in a bad mood. Sorry to the auntie who's car I accidentally scratched. I really didn't mean it. And I'm not gonna find any excuses because it was really all MY fault. Hope the scratch isn't too deep and obvious.

And for anyone who saw me bump into the car... Just forget it, ok?

I'm really feeling very bad about it.


Went to McDonalds for lunch today. My bro said he'd treat me so we went to wait in the line to order.

Then we glanced at the menu. And my mood got even worse when i saw the menu.

There was no more Mc-nuggets in the mcvalue lunch package anymore!!!!!!!!!

I was all "What was going on????"

I even had my bro double check with the MCD staff. After confirmation, Mc-nuggets had officially went back to RM8.10 per set. WTF.

Is it that nuggets are selling too good and Mcdonal is feeling that it's losing money OR nuggets are selling too poor and Mcdonal feels that it is a waste to put it in the package since no one buys it at all???

Whatever reason it is..they can't just exclude it from the package!!! Just like that!!!

And the double cheese burger also, even though I've never ate that burger before.

I'm not that much a fan of Filet-O-Fish... I love nuggets. *pouts mouth*


Then when I went to Giant to buy some things, the gate that was supposed to be checking if anyone was trying to sneak things out of the supermarket, well, it just RANG.

"ti ti ti ti ti...."

Just as I was WALKING IN to Giant

I couldn't believe it. The people around were all looking at me ( which was totally embarrassing ) while d security came over and asked to see my bag.

I just CAME IN! Do you honestly expect I'd steal things from your supermarket when I haven't even walked in????? I'm not super women or doraemon or anything like that!

I dunno what was in my bag that triggered that gate. It wasn't the car keys, the door keys, my water bottle or any other things I bought.

When I came out. It rang again. This time, I just showed the receipt to the security and walked away. *humps*

My bro thinks it's my ring that was in my bag that caused it. But the ring doesn't have any metal in it at all! I thought the gates only responded to those metal strips??

Stupid gate.

I guess things aren't going so well for me today. Bad mood-ing.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009 |

I was planning to go shopping alone today, but i just had to wake up to the cramps in my stomach. I rolled on for bed for ages before the pain went away a little bit.

Had to eat a panadol, which I'm scared that I'll get addicted to it someday.

My stomach feels empty and cold now. T.T

I should be happy but my stomach won't allow me to.

MSN traffic jam

Monday, May 4, 2009 |

I was bored at home, so i decided to open my public msn to see if there was anything in there or someone to chat with. I have a private one for real-life friends only. I'm sick of people nudging and asking you to intro all the time.

I signed in.

Then my whole computer went STUCK!!!!!

Vista really hangs man.

I had to wait for like 5 minutes before my computer went back to normal. I was almost about to shut it down already.

Then small little green fellows started appearing one by one on my task bar. Small little green ppl that held a "+" sign.

Boxes popped up. One by one. In the end there were 32 friend requests. My task bar had to crack up and duplicate itself into two. By then i had two task bars. (But you can't see the 2nd one. It's hidden itself up.)

(click for larger image)

And i had to press OK 1 by 1. Not including waiting for the computer to recover every time someone's msn who got a virus or somthing popped up with a stupid message like "I have your naked pics" or "Give me some opinion on these photos".  

It's really getting to my nerves already.

And Vista hangs A LOT.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. *Grabs a pillow and punches it.*

Love Life : Forever Angel

Sunday, May 3, 2009 |

Life is so cruel.

家彣, may you rest in peace.

Happy Birthday to Mong

Happy birthday to Mong~!!!

Hope you're happy even though you might be alone today (but who knows, maybe you're surrounded by a bunch of people even when you're reading this. )

We've been friends for like, 3 years plus plus already, rite? But that's only 1/6 of your whole life. No big deal. XD

Thanks for everything you've ever done for me. Thanks for helping me through those ups n downs. Thanks for being such a good friend to me, and to all of us.

I guess we all kinda took you for granted at the end of the year when we all started to tease you around. We knew you wouldn't mind.

I'm sorry we couldn't be more than friends. I'm sorry I messed up your life and caused such a chaos in it. I'm sorry for everything I've ever done or said.

We're friends rite?

And friends forgive each other. =) So you'll HAVE TO forgive me.

Once again, Happy 18th birthday~

p.s. I miss your version of "jing wu men".

I ❤ life, do you?

Saturday, May 2, 2009 |

If there's just a little time left in your life
How will you face it?

Setbacks and frustration is unavoidable in our life
But compared to these kids
Shouldn't you be more grateful and appreciate your life?

They want to live
They want their lives to go on
But they have no choice..

Before you ever have the thought of ending your life
Think of these kids
These kids that are struggling to live

Love your life
and never give up on it.


This is actually a charity activity in Taiwan, mainly conducted by artist Hei Ren. I was touched when i first saw this CM, and i read through a lot of news about it.

More and more artists are taking part in this charity, such as Jay Chou, Jolin Chai, Ah Mei... All the money from the charity was going to be donated to all those kids that were struggling for their life, and hoping to live longer.

We might not be in Taiwan, and we might not be able to help out in this charity. But what we can do is spread the news, pray for those kids, and,
love our own lives.

I'm Shanay. I love life.

Do you?

Love Life official website

Color is my LIFE

Friday, May 1, 2009 |

Just changed my blog layout. Wanted the theme to be something about me.

Thus came the idea of color pens. My college life might be coming sooner than I thought. I'm sure it'll be full of colors.

Just in case you all din't notice. See the box with words on the right side on the screen? The one just above my profile? It changes every time u press F5.

Amazing, isn't it?

Behold the cleverness of the mighty me. Muahahahahaha

Totally self-made. Photo credit
Made with Adobe Photoshop, CSS style and HTML.

Know me

I know a lot of people
I'm on speaking terms with most of them

But just how many of these people
actually know me?

really, really know me?

I'm a fucking cold heart bitch
And that ain't just to guys
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