Tuesday, April 28, 2009 |

It is so freaking HOT today!!!!!!!! It's so hot i feel like having a trip to the north or south pole. To see either penguins or polar bears, coz I don't remember which side they live.

Just went out to fetch my brother and sister. Honestly I'm starting to become their own personal driver. *sweats* Free of charge driver. Why didn't I have one when i was in school life??? That would save me from having to wait for all the buses and for my mom, who's the forever harworking teacher that doesn't leave the school until after 2pm.

School ends at 1:10pm, and the fastest time i used to get home was at 2:15pm. Geeeee... thanks mom. I'm an hour late compared to others.

Never mind that, now I can drive on my own, the time is for me to control. *laughs hysterically* Like how i totally gave a lecture to my sis for calling me twice on the phone to ask me where i was and to tell me to hurry up. Driving while talking on the phone is really distracting. If she wants me to fetch her, she just has to wait. Patiently. Muahahahahaha.

God i sound so like my mum.

And my brother was all be-nice-to-his-sister attitude starting the second he got onto the car. Main reason : he wanted me to drive him to McDonalds. He even asked if i wanted to eat anything, his treat.

BTW, it was super hot outside, even with the air-con on. The heat is really getting to my brain. Can't think of anything now.

Told Fen just now on msn, that if she went out to cut her hair now her hair will get on fire. It's just THAT hot.

What has happened to our lovely miss atmosphere?? Did she get the swine flu too? XD


  1. Our miss atmosphere was sick >.<
    All because of human.
    Keep using air-condition and refrigerator
    Now only knew she was so important to us XD

  2. The end of the world is approaching T.T

  3. all because of US the humans!!
    by the way i dont why i dont really feel the heat today. yesterday was even hotter than today. Lol..
    ohh goshh im going to cut my hair tomorrow xiang. please mother nature have pity on me *smiles sweetly :)

  4. becsuse of the human(us)la...
    its damn hot everyday


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