Screwed-up Scholarship

Thursday, April 30, 2009 |

In the most formal attire i have ever wore before.
Borrowed from my mum, dress slightly large.

I screwed up. I blurted out things without thinking. I smiled and nodded when the interviewers said about certain things and i didn't know how to respond. I totally made a fool of myself at that room.

If you just happen to have no idea at what I'm talking about, I went for my 8TV scholarship interview today at Segi College Subang Jaya. 9:30am, 5th floor.

When i arrived at Segi at 8:45am, i was way too early. Blame the traffic. I thought there would be a huge amount of jam at the PJ area, so i asked my mum to depart at about8:15am. Definitely wrong thought.

I ended up sitting on a sofa in the lobby while waiting for time to pass. All the people that walked in eyed me strangely. Did I mention I was in the most formal attire I have ever been in my whole life?? I borrowed my mum's outfit and it was slightly large for me. I must have looked like some office girl or something with a wrong size dress.

Went up to the 5th floor at 9:10am. There was already an Indian guy waiting there, and we chatted a bit while waiting. His name was aaron, and he was a quite friendly guy.

I was shocked that i managed to speak so, erm, OK in English, without all those "la", "one", "horr"....etc etc.

It turned out that it was just the two of us and there was only going to be one recipient. Is that really nessasary? Hello, there's only two people here, can't you just give it to us both?

Aaron took his turn first and went into the other room for his interview. I waited. My palms were sweating, my feet were shaking, and i was trying hard to breath normally.

Finally it was my turn. I followed the Indian lady, Miss Vela into the conference room that was used for the interview session. A guy was sitting in there, Miss Vela sat down and another lady from the art department came in too. So that was a total of 3 people.

3 versus 1 : I'm surely gonna die.

The Mr. asked me my name, found out my application form from all those on the table ( Clearly they were expecting a lot of people.) and we started talking. Correction, it was him talking.

They asked why I wanted to do graphic design. That was easy, though i don't think i remember my answers very well. Then the guy started talking about how my results could get me into any other course ( medical, engineering..) , and how most people like me didn't go and choose art. He said i was unique. I bet he meant to said strange.

I didn' know what to say. I agree with you? I just smiled and nodded and told him it was my intrest as politely as i could.

And they were't really that impressed by the simple drawings I brought with me today. It must have seem childish to them. Could I at least get marks for bringing them with me...?

But they sounded like they wanted to give me the scholarship, all "we'd really like to have you in our department, with such academic results. We'll be blessed. Of course we want someone like you here". But who knows, maybe they just wanted to try me or comfort me so I'd be less stressed. I certainly look stressed.

I blurted out stupid things like how I didn't want to go to the Kota Damansara Campus. They must have thought I was a mommy's girl that didn't want to leave home too far, when what I actually meant was that the transport would be rather hard to arrange.

Oh damn.

The results will be informed ASAP. And when will ASAP be? I got no answers for that.

After everything finished, I went straight to the Summit's Starbuck and order the first cup of Starbuck's Coffee I've ever had in my life. I really needed to get my mind off of what just happened.

Vanilla Cream Cappuccino with chocolate chips

Can i hope that i get the scholarship....? Even though i sucked?


  1. can get de la...
    duwan go damansara campus la
    damansara there so jam de ah...

  2. omg that coffee looks yummy just by looking at it! ohhhh and must treat me go starbucks if you get the scholarship alright. *smiles sweetly to xiang :)

  3. i agree wif wai yan~
    the coffee look yummy XD
    damansara campus there o~
    quite far neh~

  4. i bless u get it =)
    support u always ya..
    sorry didn't leave comment on ur every blogs.
    but still, i'm here for SupPORt! woots~
    can u feel it ? can u feel it?
    c'mon i'm giving u spirit!!
    can u feel? can ? can u?


    advice : pray more god =D

  5. Can u feel d love 2nite?

    What u can do now is waiting for d good news lo

    ps: I wan a cup of starbucks coffee too =3=


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