RM1.20 for Go Large ?

Friday, April 24, 2009 |

Just came back from McDonalds, eating my lovely McNuggets. Went to fetch my sis at Bukit Serdang, so I drove over on the way home to Seri Serdang's Mcdonalds.

We wanted to eat there, but it was packed with people-students, to be exact- and there weren't any places to sit. Oh well, we decided to just take away and eat at home.

While we were waiting in the que, there were a bunch of kids behind us. Small, short, wearing school uniform kids. I guess they were about 13 or 14. Man, were they loud.

They talked about what they wanted to eat, very very LOUD, like they were scared other people wouldn't hear them.

There was this Boucher at the counter actually, which they were looking at.

Their conversation went like this : (In chinese la)

Kid A : What you wanna eat?
Kid B : Eh, I dun have money leh, duno wan eat what.
Kid C : Neh, eat this "Go Large" la...Rm1.20 onli.
Kid B : Got what de o?
Kid A : One big coke n one big fries lo
Kid C : Eh, good leh, so "dai".I also wan this one.
Kid A : So its two Go Large and one nuggets lo...........

By this time my sis was covering her mouth and trying not to laugh out loud.

We kept quiet until it was our turn, while the kids were still bickering over whether the "Go Large" was big fries or medium fries. ( For god sakes can't they READ???)

My sis just laughed non-stop when the kids gave their order beside us. (We were waiting for our take-away).

Kids : "Two Go Large"
MCD Staff : "(explaining while looking strangely at them)"
Kids : "(Bickering between themselves about what the staff meant)"

After the MCD Staff (poor girl..) FINALLY took their order.....

MCD Staff " Nak kira asing atau...?"
Kids : ".... (In chinese) What she say?"

i laughed all the way out of Serdang MCD. Kids these day... *sighing while laughing*

The "go large" thing can be quite confusing...XD


  1. omg~
    that is funny...
    malaysia english standard is LOW =.=
    i also wan GO LARGE

  2. if Rm1.20 really can get one large fries n coke..
    mcdonal zap lap lo...XD

  3. OMG. So 'dai' man..
    one 'go large' for me too please x)

  4. RM1.20 can get one large fries n coke!!!
    wats going on???
    can i hv it too?


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