My own little Xiang-Xiang land

Thursday, April 16, 2009 |

okay okay, i know i said i wouldn't give up on wretch before, but there are exceptions, right? I know a lot of people read my wretch ( I'm not bluffing..its true) most of them anonymously, and a lot of people are starting to know about me, my life, my thoughts, my silly acts....... without me even knowing who they are!!

Besides, i need to practice my english, in WRITING. Or else how am I gonna survive my college life...? I might be stuck with a lot of people that are fluent in english, people that practically SPEAK english on daily basis (Which might be true in two months time). God save me!

So, ta-dah.... Therefore comes the idea of Xiang-Xiang land! Not that I'm gonna call it xiang-xiang land, that sounds WAY stupid, even for a name of something no one will likely know about. =.=

If you happen to pass by and notice that you know me, whether in real life or not, feel free to look around. But please SHUT your big mouth and tell no one about this. I'll like to keep a low profile, thank you very much.

Xiang-Xiang land, here I come~

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