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Monday, April 20, 2009 |

See that? That's where i went to yesterday. I woke up at 8:30AM in the morning, and took the KTM with my sis and walked a long road with the ever-so-hot sun on top of us to get to PWTC.

My sis and I even got separated while getting on the KTM. ( I got on, she didn't get on)

We thought it was worth it, as we could be finding a lot of books that were not available in Malaysia and buy a handful of books.

Boy were we wrong...

Lets just say, I should have known when the website wrote only Malay words.

The first book i saw when i walked in to PWTC, was the Al-Quran. Not that i have anything against their holy bible, I just don't like seeing words that i can't read.

The second book that came to my sight : Islamic History from some year to some year. Get the idea of the books exhibited now?

Shocked, we walked to another showroom, hoping we could find other types of books. We were SO wrong again. Out of all the books we saw, 80% of them were in malay, and 19% were revision books, leaving the 1% with English books.

MPH was such a small stall with no books at all that I felt like killing people.

We went home angrily. Time wasted, money wasted, AND the rain start to pour heavily the second we came out of the KTM.

Next time, to PWTC or whoever organised this stupid book fair, please make sure you write "International MALAY book fair" so you won't confuse people like us.

But maybe your intend was to make us non-malays read malay books... Well then, sorry to disappoint you, but the last malay book i read was Konserto Terakhir, and that was almost a year ago.

p/s Jus went on net and found this.
.....attracted publishers from the USA, UK and other European and Arab countries, Australia, China, India and the ASEAN community....

I didn't know that India and Australia produced MALAY books =.= Or maybe its just me being outdated.

p/p/s Still no news from segi....arghhhhhh

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