Forever Princess

Monday, April 20, 2009 |

Princess Diaries volume X : Forever Princess

Despite my unfortunate encounters during my trip to PWTC's STUPID bookfair, I still managed to force convince my parents to bring us to Alamanda Putrajaya's MPH.

And i finally managed to buy this book! Yay~!

It's been out since spring 2009, and i only managed to get my hands on it now. Took me long enough.

It's the last-10th actually-book of the princess diaries series, which i have loyally followed since i was like primary 5. I'm stuck between the happiness of finally getting this book and the sadness that it has come to and end. *sobs*

Oh well, it was still great for an ending. (Unlike certain HP series, that totally disappointed me with its 7th-and last-book.)

Spent one whole evening to finish the book, and all i can say is : "Great job, Meg Cabot."

Mia n Michael forever. XD

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