Failure invesment with a bursting brain

Friday, April 17, 2009 |

I'm this close....this close.....THIS CLOSE from turning crazy!!!! There are so many things loaded in my brain, things that I can do nothing about, and it's bursting my brain.

All the negative and positive comments about my future studies are driving me crazy! I can't help thinking if this is the right path for me. Do I really suit this course? Will I come back home and cry everyday? Might I regret not going another path 10 years later?

To top all my problems, my application for UTAR was approved yesterday.

Well, according to their info on the net, they want me to pay RM1009.00 before 6th of May. That's like, in less than a month! And almost one WHOLE month before school starts!

Then I checked to see whether there was a refund if i gave the money and i decided not to go. And the damn uni just gave back 70%... And that was if you quit BEFORE the term started.

They're practically forcing me to go. *sweats*

So, I'll be losing Rm302.70 if i give the money and suddenly SEGI calls me and tells me that i got their scholarship.

Darn. This is definitely one failure investment.

You know what, I couldn't even tell my dad about it. What was I supposed to say? "Dad, i need Rm1000++ for UTAR and Rm300++ will fly away if I dun go in the end."

RM300 could get me 10 months worth prepaid cards, a cupboard full of clothes and shoes, and a hell lot of oreos. I can't let it fly away!!!!

Rm300 is nothing compared to my sis. She has to pay RM5000 AND she has to go to Perak. My dad went silent-very very silent when he saw her letter from UTAR. Local Uni-s haven't announced their approval list yet, and they won't be going to untill about the start of June.

Rm5000 x 30/100 =


Can u see why I'm almost crazy now?

And there's still no news from SEGI.......



  1. i will go 2 kampar campus oo...

  2. RM300 could get u 3 brand new high tech handphones?

    I suggest you wait till 5th May lo

  3. yaw thats what i asked her. and she still say its rm300. i was like huh 1 cellph rm100? -.-


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