Can someone please worry about me?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 |

I swear I took this using my K770i...
but it sure looks like a photo from a SLR camera

My sis just came out of her room and saw me buried in my laptop, fingers flying over the keyboard. So she stopped to see what I was doing. Then she asked me:"Why do you even need to type that?"

The thing you're seeing me type on my laptop is my most-likely-going-to-be-asked interview questions and my most possibly going o be answered-unless i get freaked out and forget all of them-answers for tomorrow.

And she asked me why did i need to type it out. DUH.

Did I mention that my whole family-minus my brother, who can't help me at all in this-doesn't care at all about my future?

I had to find out what i wanted to study myself, I had to research on all the colleges myself, I had to make a decision myself, I had to apply for all these scholarship things myself. God, i even had to get advice for myself all by

They had no advice for me at all. They'd just avoid the question when i asked it.

Fine, I was supposed to do all those myself. I'm ok with that.

But then when i finally chose somewhere to study, and i told them, they suddenly have a load of things to say. Things that don't help at all. And that routine kept going on and on every time I mentioned a new college.

I had to worry about all those things while i was still working 10-10 everyday. There were nights where i was staring at all those comments about colleges and screaming when the internet got turned off. I was reading brochures and info even when i was working.

I doubted my own future. I badly needed some encouragement other than all the discouraging comments. None come. Everywhere came voices telling me "Their design school sucks." " The lecturer there are lazy." "Just go The One Academy."

I've made up my choice. Is agreeing with me such a hard thing to do?

My parents stayed silent. Other parents were frantically asking around for advices for their own children.

After all was settled and I was patiently waiting for the good news, they just never mentioned it again. No one cared to ask how was the whole thing going on.

My dad worried about the RM5000 was sis had to pay. But no one mentioned the RM1000 i was supposed to pay at all. I didn't even what to do at that moment. No one said anything about it at all.

They were always more worried about my sis than me. It always was like that. What she was going to study, where she was going to study. These were all their first priorities. It was even argued and discuss for so many times.

Me? I had to clean my own butt.

And the mushrooms. They might as well just adopt that damn mushroom. The time my dad's been spending with that stupid mushroom is way more than the time he spends at the living room of his own house.

I'm sure the mushroom has a great future set out for it and it doesn't need to apply for any scholarships. All it needs is water and sunlight. Blah.

Now, I'm here, typing my own fake interview questions. I asked my parents about what to say, and my mum told me it wasn't them going for an interview and I should think about it myself without bothering other people.

I might as well just fail tomorrow's interview and go to some college that leaks when it rains.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
A: Seeing that I will be 28 yrs old by then, I see myself happily married to some rich guy and maybe pregnant with twins. I'd be a 'shao nai nai' that doesn't need to work and eat peanuts everyday while watching the latest hong kong dramas.

What a great answer. NOT.


  1. heyyyy im worried mann... i gave you some advices though which was not so much in help but at least i told you some. Lol.. xiang i know you can do it. you still have friends who are supportive of what you do. :)

  2. i very support u de leh...
    although i cant help u about ur scholarship's things...

  3. i also care abt xiang...XD
    Maybe they think that u can solve the problem urself. U should trust urself. U can do it =)
    And...u really want to be "shao nai nai" when u r 28 years old? LOL


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