Screwed-up Scholarship

Thursday, April 30, 2009 |

In the most formal attire i have ever wore before.
Borrowed from my mum, dress slightly large.

I screwed up. I blurted out things without thinking. I smiled and nodded when the interviewers said about certain things and i didn't know how to respond. I totally made a fool of myself at that room.

If you just happen to have no idea at what I'm talking about, I went for my 8TV scholarship interview today at Segi College Subang Jaya. 9:30am, 5th floor.

When i arrived at Segi at 8:45am, i was way too early. Blame the traffic. I thought there would be a huge amount of jam at the PJ area, so i asked my mum to depart at about8:15am. Definitely wrong thought.

I ended up sitting on a sofa in the lobby while waiting for time to pass. All the people that walked in eyed me strangely. Did I mention I was in the most formal attire I have ever been in my whole life?? I borrowed my mum's outfit and it was slightly large for me. I must have looked like some office girl or something with a wrong size dress.

Went up to the 5th floor at 9:10am. There was already an Indian guy waiting there, and we chatted a bit while waiting. His name was aaron, and he was a quite friendly guy.

I was shocked that i managed to speak so, erm, OK in English, without all those "la", "one", "horr"....etc etc.

It turned out that it was just the two of us and there was only going to be one recipient. Is that really nessasary? Hello, there's only two people here, can't you just give it to us both?

Aaron took his turn first and went into the other room for his interview. I waited. My palms were sweating, my feet were shaking, and i was trying hard to breath normally.

Finally it was my turn. I followed the Indian lady, Miss Vela into the conference room that was used for the interview session. A guy was sitting in there, Miss Vela sat down and another lady from the art department came in too. So that was a total of 3 people.

3 versus 1 : I'm surely gonna die.

The Mr. asked me my name, found out my application form from all those on the table ( Clearly they were expecting a lot of people.) and we started talking. Correction, it was him talking.

They asked why I wanted to do graphic design. That was easy, though i don't think i remember my answers very well. Then the guy started talking about how my results could get me into any other course ( medical, engineering..) , and how most people like me didn't go and choose art. He said i was unique. I bet he meant to said strange.

I didn' know what to say. I agree with you? I just smiled and nodded and told him it was my intrest as politely as i could.

And they were't really that impressed by the simple drawings I brought with me today. It must have seem childish to them. Could I at least get marks for bringing them with me...?

But they sounded like they wanted to give me the scholarship, all "we'd really like to have you in our department, with such academic results. We'll be blessed. Of course we want someone like you here". But who knows, maybe they just wanted to try me or comfort me so I'd be less stressed. I certainly look stressed.

I blurted out stupid things like how I didn't want to go to the Kota Damansara Campus. They must have thought I was a mommy's girl that didn't want to leave home too far, when what I actually meant was that the transport would be rather hard to arrange.

Oh damn.

The results will be informed ASAP. And when will ASAP be? I got no answers for that.

After everything finished, I went straight to the Summit's Starbuck and order the first cup of Starbuck's Coffee I've ever had in my life. I really needed to get my mind off of what just happened.

Vanilla Cream Cappuccino with chocolate chips

Can i hope that i get the scholarship....? Even though i sucked?

Can someone please worry about me?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 |

I swear I took this using my K770i...
but it sure looks like a photo from a SLR camera

My sis just came out of her room and saw me buried in my laptop, fingers flying over the keyboard. So she stopped to see what I was doing. Then she asked me:"Why do you even need to type that?"

The thing you're seeing me type on my laptop is my most-likely-going-to-be-asked interview questions and my most possibly going o be answered-unless i get freaked out and forget all of them-answers for tomorrow.

And she asked me why did i need to type it out. DUH.

Did I mention that my whole family-minus my brother, who can't help me at all in this-doesn't care at all about my future?

I had to find out what i wanted to study myself, I had to research on all the colleges myself, I had to make a decision myself, I had to apply for all these scholarship things myself. God, i even had to get advice for myself all by

They had no advice for me at all. They'd just avoid the question when i asked it.

Fine, I was supposed to do all those myself. I'm ok with that.

But then when i finally chose somewhere to study, and i told them, they suddenly have a load of things to say. Things that don't help at all. And that routine kept going on and on every time I mentioned a new college.

I had to worry about all those things while i was still working 10-10 everyday. There were nights where i was staring at all those comments about colleges and screaming when the internet got turned off. I was reading brochures and info even when i was working.

I doubted my own future. I badly needed some encouragement other than all the discouraging comments. None come. Everywhere came voices telling me "Their design school sucks." " The lecturer there are lazy." "Just go The One Academy."

I've made up my choice. Is agreeing with me such a hard thing to do?

My parents stayed silent. Other parents were frantically asking around for advices for their own children.

After all was settled and I was patiently waiting for the good news, they just never mentioned it again. No one cared to ask how was the whole thing going on.

My dad worried about the RM5000 was sis had to pay. But no one mentioned the RM1000 i was supposed to pay at all. I didn't even what to do at that moment. No one said anything about it at all.

They were always more worried about my sis than me. It always was like that. What she was going to study, where she was going to study. These were all their first priorities. It was even argued and discuss for so many times.

Me? I had to clean my own butt.

And the mushrooms. They might as well just adopt that damn mushroom. The time my dad's been spending with that stupid mushroom is way more than the time he spends at the living room of his own house.

I'm sure the mushroom has a great future set out for it and it doesn't need to apply for any scholarships. All it needs is water and sunlight. Blah.

Now, I'm here, typing my own fake interview questions. I asked my parents about what to say, and my mum told me it wasn't them going for an interview and I should think about it myself without bothering other people.

I might as well just fail tomorrow's interview and go to some college that leaks when it rains.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
A: Seeing that I will be 28 yrs old by then, I see myself happily married to some rich guy and maybe pregnant with twins. I'd be a 'shao nai nai' that doesn't need to work and eat peanuts everyday while watching the latest hong kong dramas.

What a great answer. NOT.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009 |

It is so freaking HOT today!!!!!!!! It's so hot i feel like having a trip to the north or south pole. To see either penguins or polar bears, coz I don't remember which side they live.

Just went out to fetch my brother and sister. Honestly I'm starting to become their own personal driver. *sweats* Free of charge driver. Why didn't I have one when i was in school life??? That would save me from having to wait for all the buses and for my mom, who's the forever harworking teacher that doesn't leave the school until after 2pm.

School ends at 1:10pm, and the fastest time i used to get home was at 2:15pm. Geeeee... thanks mom. I'm an hour late compared to others.

Never mind that, now I can drive on my own, the time is for me to control. *laughs hysterically* Like how i totally gave a lecture to my sis for calling me twice on the phone to ask me where i was and to tell me to hurry up. Driving while talking on the phone is really distracting. If she wants me to fetch her, she just has to wait. Patiently. Muahahahahaha.

God i sound so like my mum.

And my brother was all be-nice-to-his-sister attitude starting the second he got onto the car. Main reason : he wanted me to drive him to McDonalds. He even asked if i wanted to eat anything, his treat.

BTW, it was super hot outside, even with the air-con on. The heat is really getting to my brain. Can't think of anything now.

Told Fen just now on msn, that if she went out to cut her hair now her hair will get on fire. It's just THAT hot.

What has happened to our lovely miss atmosphere?? Did she get the swine flu too? XD

OMG! Scholarship Interview?!

Monday, April 27, 2009 |

Oh my gosh. That's all i been saying (and feeling) for the last 20 minutes. I really can't think of any other word to describe my feeling now.

I just got a call from an unknown number. One certain number that called me last Friday, which i missed due to the loud sound in the k-box effecting my hearing.

It was a lady called Ms.Villa. She sounded like an Indian, at least her accent did. But that isn't the main point here.

The main point is...

She was from the 8TV scholarship board, and she wanted me to go for an interview this Thursday at Segi College Subang Jaya.

Totally oh my gosh.

There's still 3 days until Thu, but my hands are already sweating about the thought of it.

Tips, anyone? I'm desperate here!


Saturday, April 25, 2009 |

Ignore the plastic trophy and you'll notice that I have a sulking face.

I went to school this morning hoping to get some money in my pocket..... and I came back with a plastic trophy. It was the Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang today, which was held every year at school.

I'm ok with the whole ceremony starting and ending in merely 2 hours. I'm ok with the dewan terbuka being all hot and noisy. I'm even ok with being with a lot of people I don't know well and barely talk. (Let's face the fact, I don't usually mix with the super-smart ppl =.=)

But hell am I NOT ok about the trophy-replace-money thing.

Two years ago i got RM70 for my 7As PMR results. Two years later, i get nothing for my 10As (trophy uncounted). *sweat*

Not that i really need,or care a lot about the money... But how can the school just break the old traditionals like that?? What's the difference between this year and last year? What is going on in the PIBG to allow such things to happen?

I tell you what, it's all because Mr. Tay's not here anymore.

Next thing we know, BC might be kicked out of the main timetable. You wanna learn chinese? Prepare to stay back and have extra classes.

Oh well, at least i got to see some old friends at school. We took some photos, chatted a bit, played around..

I'm starting to miss my school life, even if it's just a little bit.

p/s Yaw my mum said you had the most formal outfit today. =) Those people that didn't have any respect to the ceremony are the ones that should be shameful.

RM1.20 for Go Large ?

Friday, April 24, 2009 |

Just came back from McDonalds, eating my lovely McNuggets. Went to fetch my sis at Bukit Serdang, so I drove over on the way home to Seri Serdang's Mcdonalds.

We wanted to eat there, but it was packed with people-students, to be exact- and there weren't any places to sit. Oh well, we decided to just take away and eat at home.

While we were waiting in the que, there were a bunch of kids behind us. Small, short, wearing school uniform kids. I guess they were about 13 or 14. Man, were they loud.

They talked about what they wanted to eat, very very LOUD, like they were scared other people wouldn't hear them.

There was this Boucher at the counter actually, which they were looking at.

Their conversation went like this : (In chinese la)

Kid A : What you wanna eat?
Kid B : Eh, I dun have money leh, duno wan eat what.
Kid C : Neh, eat this "Go Large" la...Rm1.20 onli.
Kid B : Got what de o?
Kid A : One big coke n one big fries lo
Kid C : Eh, good leh, so "dai".I also wan this one.
Kid A : So its two Go Large and one nuggets lo...........

By this time my sis was covering her mouth and trying not to laugh out loud.

We kept quiet until it was our turn, while the kids were still bickering over whether the "Go Large" was big fries or medium fries. ( For god sakes can't they READ???)

My sis just laughed non-stop when the kids gave their order beside us. (We were waiting for our take-away).

Kids : "Two Go Large"
MCD Staff : "(explaining while looking strangely at them)"
Kids : "(Bickering between themselves about what the staff meant)"

After the MCD Staff (poor girl..) FINALLY took their order.....

MCD Staff " Nak kira asing atau...?"
Kids : ".... (In chinese) What she say?"

i laughed all the way out of Serdang MCD. Kids these day... *sighing while laughing*

The "go large" thing can be quite confusing...XD


Wednesday, April 22, 2009 |

I hate being criticized.

But I'm choosing a future that's full of criticism.

I duno whats wrong with me.

Forever Princess

Monday, April 20, 2009 |

Princess Diaries volume X : Forever Princess

Despite my unfortunate encounters during my trip to PWTC's STUPID bookfair, I still managed to force convince my parents to bring us to Alamanda Putrajaya's MPH.

And i finally managed to buy this book! Yay~!

It's been out since spring 2009, and i only managed to get my hands on it now. Took me long enough.

It's the last-10th actually-book of the princess diaries series, which i have loyally followed since i was like primary 5. I'm stuck between the happiness of finally getting this book and the sadness that it has come to and end. *sobs*

Oh well, it was still great for an ending. (Unlike certain HP series, that totally disappointed me with its 7th-and last-book.)

Spent one whole evening to finish the book, and all i can say is : "Great job, Meg Cabot."

Mia n Michael forever. XD

International MALAY book fair

See that? That's where i went to yesterday. I woke up at 8:30AM in the morning, and took the KTM with my sis and walked a long road with the ever-so-hot sun on top of us to get to PWTC.

My sis and I even got separated while getting on the KTM. ( I got on, she didn't get on)

We thought it was worth it, as we could be finding a lot of books that were not available in Malaysia and buy a handful of books.

Boy were we wrong...

Lets just say, I should have known when the website wrote only Malay words.

The first book i saw when i walked in to PWTC, was the Al-Quran. Not that i have anything against their holy bible, I just don't like seeing words that i can't read.

The second book that came to my sight : Islamic History from some year to some year. Get the idea of the books exhibited now?

Shocked, we walked to another showroom, hoping we could find other types of books. We were SO wrong again. Out of all the books we saw, 80% of them were in malay, and 19% were revision books, leaving the 1% with English books.

MPH was such a small stall with no books at all that I felt like killing people.

We went home angrily. Time wasted, money wasted, AND the rain start to pour heavily the second we came out of the KTM.

Next time, to PWTC or whoever organised this stupid book fair, please make sure you write "International MALAY book fair" so you won't confuse people like us.

But maybe your intend was to make us non-malays read malay books... Well then, sorry to disappoint you, but the last malay book i read was Konserto Terakhir, and that was almost a year ago.

p/s Jus went on net and found this.
.....attracted publishers from the USA, UK and other European and Arab countries, Australia, China, India and the ASEAN community....

I didn't know that India and Australia produced MALAY books =.= Or maybe its just me being outdated.

p/p/s Still no news from segi....arghhhhhh

Just for laughs

Saturday, April 18, 2009 |

WARNING : Dun read if u haven't seen Death Note before.

L gets an idea (Click to enlarge)

This is damn funny. I almost laughed my stomach out when i saw it.

L's expression was so cute. XD

Actually there are a lot more from the same author, but this is the most funniest. (To me, of course)

Credits from

A style-not-mine

Friday, April 17, 2009 |

Obviously.. this isn't my style >.<

Failure invesment with a bursting brain

I'm this close....this close.....THIS CLOSE from turning crazy!!!! There are so many things loaded in my brain, things that I can do nothing about, and it's bursting my brain.

All the negative and positive comments about my future studies are driving me crazy! I can't help thinking if this is the right path for me. Do I really suit this course? Will I come back home and cry everyday? Might I regret not going another path 10 years later?

To top all my problems, my application for UTAR was approved yesterday.

Well, according to their info on the net, they want me to pay RM1009.00 before 6th of May. That's like, in less than a month! And almost one WHOLE month before school starts!

Then I checked to see whether there was a refund if i gave the money and i decided not to go. And the damn uni just gave back 70%... And that was if you quit BEFORE the term started.

They're practically forcing me to go. *sweats*

So, I'll be losing Rm302.70 if i give the money and suddenly SEGI calls me and tells me that i got their scholarship.

Darn. This is definitely one failure investment.

You know what, I couldn't even tell my dad about it. What was I supposed to say? "Dad, i need Rm1000++ for UTAR and Rm300++ will fly away if I dun go in the end."

RM300 could get me 10 months worth prepaid cards, a cupboard full of clothes and shoes, and a hell lot of oreos. I can't let it fly away!!!!

Rm300 is nothing compared to my sis. She has to pay RM5000 AND she has to go to Perak. My dad went silent-very very silent when he saw her letter from UTAR. Local Uni-s haven't announced their approval list yet, and they won't be going to untill about the start of June.

Rm5000 x 30/100 =


Can u see why I'm almost crazy now?

And there's still no news from SEGI.......


My own little Xiang-Xiang land

Thursday, April 16, 2009 |

okay okay, i know i said i wouldn't give up on wretch before, but there are exceptions, right? I know a lot of people read my wretch ( I'm not bluffing..its true) most of them anonymously, and a lot of people are starting to know about me, my life, my thoughts, my silly acts....... without me even knowing who they are!!

Besides, i need to practice my english, in WRITING. Or else how am I gonna survive my college life...? I might be stuck with a lot of people that are fluent in english, people that practically SPEAK english on daily basis (Which might be true in two months time). God save me!

So, ta-dah.... Therefore comes the idea of Xiang-Xiang land! Not that I'm gonna call it xiang-xiang land, that sounds WAY stupid, even for a name of something no one will likely know about. =.=

If you happen to pass by and notice that you know me, whether in real life or not, feel free to look around. But please SHUT your big mouth and tell no one about this. I'll like to keep a low profile, thank you very much.

Xiang-Xiang land, here I come~
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