Twenty Four

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 |

It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my 18th Birthday.
And now I'm 24

Life really doesn't wait for anyone

24 years old
And what have I accomplished in life?
Academically that part of my life is complete
but career wise life has just started for me

Last year this time my future was still a blurry image
Now... I guess it still is

What is waiting for me in the future?
What is waiting for me down this road?

I have no idea
but its exciting to find out

I want to climb
higher and higher
until I reach that top 
and may no fear ever stop me

Happy Birthday to me
 and all the best
cause I'm really gonna need it. 



Tuesday, April 28, 2015 |

The first time
it was smoke and weed
lingering in the air
staying hours even after you were gone

The second time
it was beer and liquor
leaning on the closed door
with everyone we knew behind it

The third time
it was fresh grass after the rain
head on your shoulder 
in the dark room with numbered seats 

it was with closed eyes
other sensory organs at work
triggering every connection in mind


Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

Thursday, February 19, 2015 |

If you don't get it... please go read John Green's The Fault in Our Stars.


This year's is the year of sheep and my Chinese zodiac is a sheep! In mandarin we call this 本命年and it's quite a big deal(I guess?)

Totally tired out from all the CNY activities today, and it's gonna go on until the end of this weekend.

Hoping everyone has a great start of the lunar year, and may prosperity and happiness and luck be with you throughout the whole year. =)



Sunday, February 1, 2015 |

Feelings are like waves
when they come they come
and you aren't able to stop them

Feelings are not sensible
they get you all confused
they drive you around for hours
before they drop you right back where you started

Feelings are deceiving
they make you believe they were real
before you realize
it was all just in your mind

Feelings are volatile
they can change immediately at once
or just so slightly day by day
that you never seem to notice

Feelings are hard to get over
because we keep feeding them
with memories from the haunting past

Feelings are precious
don't waste them on people
that are not at all worth it

Feelings are temporarily
the importance of it now
won't seem that important to you
when you look back in a few years time

Feelings are visitors
they aren't here to stay forever
just let them come and go

You'll be fine
trust me
it's just feelings
after all


Happy New Year 2015 !

Thursday, January 1, 2015 |

Happy New Year 2015!

Here's hoping for a wonderful and amazing year ahead that is filled with joy and happiness. Appreciate every moment and be grateful for everything.

And may I always have the mood to blog, or come up with more short stories to go with picture. Not going to leave this blog deserted again like how I did in 2013/2014. =P


A Picture A Story: White Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014 |

Everything seemed dark and gloomy to her,
even with the white snow covering every surface outside her window.

She left the flowers lying quietly on the hallway floor.
What use were flowers if the person who sent them wasn't here?

She left the box of chocolate on the sofa seat, unopened.
What use were chocolates if the person who sent them wasn't here?

The only thing she had touched was the note that came together with the rest.
What use was a sorry if the person who wrote it wasn't–

She stopped herself halfway.
The person who sent it wasn't here, that was the use of the sorry.

She snuggled underneath the fleece blanket wrapped around her. 
What use was Christmas if the person she wanted to spend it with wasn't even here?

The doorbell rang.
She grabbed a bunch of money notes to pay for the pizza.

Pizza on Christmas. What a joke.

But it wasn't the pizza delivery guy at her doorstep,
standing in the cold.

It was the main object of her thoughts,
with that familiar smile and snow in the hair.

"Baby, it's cold outside."

For the first time that night,
she smiled. 

And everything started to seem a bit brighter.
It is a white Christmas after all.


Notes: Merry Christmas everyone! Christmas just seems like the time to get a bit cheesy, other than being the most wonderful time of the year. And the lyrics in "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was supposed to be about wanting to leave. Total opposite situation in this case.

Have a great festive season ahead! =)


A Picture A Story: Traffic Jam

Monday, December 15, 2014 |

It's an ocean of red lights. Red brake lights.

Your right leg goes to and fro between the accelerator and the brakes. You keep a hand on the wheel, just in case.

You sing along with the music playing through your car speakers, in that tiny space a concert is going on with no audience present.

You check your hair in the dashboard mirror, and not forgetting to give yourself a little wink when you're done.

You yawn from the lack of sleep last night, and the early morning routine you are still no used to even after so long.

You check your side mirror for any cars on the next lane and sneak into it, with the hope you could advance even a little bit faster, and further.

You unlock your phone and scroll through any social media you have. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, emails.... eating up the valueable internet data bit by bit like a morning feast.

You check Waze to see red lines flashing on every single road, and the multiple cars icon popping up everywhere you scroll to.

You steal glances at the built-in clock, counting down to the moment the numbers on your punch card would start to turn red.

Slowly, you move ahead.

And the next day, you repeat this all over again.



A description of random things people do during a traffic jam. Perhaps I should add "You write a short story mentally in your mind as you observe the cars around you", since that is literally why this post was created.  

Malaysia's morning traffic jam is getting to the state where it is basically impossible to avoid it completely. I for one, spend 1 whole hour every morning just to go through a normally 20 minutes journey. Waste of time and waste of energy. But so far, there is really nothing that can be done about it. The amount of people are increasing, the amount of cars on the roads are increasing, and public transport is not that convenient to rely on.

As for now, this is just something we have to adapt to.

And I do rather enjoy my own little concert in the car. I rock to my own tunes. =P


Judging books by their cover @ Big Bad Wolf 2014 Book Cover Designs

Monday, December 8, 2014 |

So I went to the annual Big Bad Wolf Bookfair at MIECC last weekend. At an early 7am in the morning to avoid being sandwiched by all the book lovers from all around Malaysia.

Most novels were at an average of RM8-RM10, which was super super cheap! Crazy as it sounds, it takes a lot of self-control to stop myself from overspending on books. Not clothes, not bags, not shoes, but books.

But at the same time, I enjoyed my time going through all the book cover designs. People say don't judge a book by its cover, but as a Graphic Designer I would beg to differ on that. Visually a book cover would give you some idea of what the books is about, or it's target audience. If a cover has absolutely no effect on the buyer, books cover would just be black text on white paper. Publishers wouldn't need to spend the money and effort on creating the perfect cover design.

I for one, always take notice of the cover design of a book before turning it around to read it's synopsis.

And this post is a compilation of some of the book cover designs I found rather interesting during my visit to the Big Bad Wolf 2014.

Confession of an iPhone user: From 4s to 6

Friday, November 21, 2014 |

| From

3 years ago, I bought my first Apple product: the iPhone 4s.

Fast forward to 3 years later; by now almost all my daily electronics are from Apple. My Macbook, iPhone, iPod Nano, the now broken iPad... and even my work computer is an iMac. (Designers, duh)

I don't know how this transaction occurred, and it wasn't intended. Things just went with the flow.

But well, no matter how comfortable I am with my Apple products, they still come with a lifespan. And my dear iPhone was slowly dying on me. I believe most 4s users would face the same problems as I did; unresponsive keyboards, auto-shut down, unresponsive screen, battery lasting you for less than a morning... someone told me that day that her "a" button on the keyboard was not responding to touch, and she had to type everything with the "a" letter.

Imgine tht. wful.

When the 5s came out I was already itching to change my phone. But I was a poor student living abroad by then, and money wasn't going to drop down from the sky for me. So, my phone changing plan had to postpone.

Until now... I'm finally financially capable to afford a new phone for myself! First ever phone I bought without relying on my parents-okay, that's not entirely true. I bought a Sony Ericsson K770i with my own money back when I was 18, but that was like just RM700++. Not too hard to get at that time.

This however, cost me RM2749 since I decided to go for the 64GB model. All the freelance design jobs paid off, like finally.

No point for me to ramble on and on about the new functions and design and size of the new iPhone, since you can google that and get loads of professional opinions on those. If your an Apple hater, you can even go google "iPhone 6 bend" and laugh your ass off at it.


However, I can give you some opinions of mine, from being a previous iPhone 4s user to a current iPhone 6 user. Bear with me, I'm a casual phone user that doesn't really care about gaming on phones or business functionality or video viewing. I think the biggest function of my phone for me is staying online and the camera.

1. Size & Weight

Once you get used to the larger, bigger size of the 6, you'll wonder how the heaviness of your 4s never bothered you. The difference is very obvious when compared.

The bigger size of the 6 means no more single-hand handling for me and my tiny hand, which is a good thing to prevent me from using my phone while driving. I took like a day or two to get used to the larger size and bigger screen, but after awhile it became natural. By now I do find the size just right.

One downside is the curved edges that used to be straight. Makes it harder to grip, and I've lost count of how many times the phone fell out of my hand onto my chest/face while I was lying on my bed scrolling through it. I suppose a good cover would solve this.

| From

2. Screen & Readability

Awesome colors, clear crisp screen. You have the option to adjust the home screen icon size, and the text size as well.

Some apps appear enlarged and pixelated on the bigger screen (Like whatsapp, which just updated awhile ago), but these apps would know better to update themselves to support iPhone 6 ASAP anyway.

| From

3. Camera

Soooooooooooooooo much better than the 4s camera. Front camera is now 1.2MP, and the same 8MP back camera, but with all the new stuff Apple has added on, the camera is wayyyy better and faster. It focus much faster too.

There's also this new "time lapse" and "slo-mo" function in the camera app that I haven't played with yet, but I'm guessing they're video shooting stuff.

| From

4. Fingerprint Scanner

The best thing I love about my new phone!!!

I know 5s users have already had this function since last year, but it would be an entirely new thing for 4s users. And this function is just so cool! With just your finger you can unlock your phone, without sliding the lock screen+pressing your password!

I find it very convenient, since the whole point of me not locking my phone with a password was to avoid the extra step. Now I can unlock it easily, and keep my phone safe (to a certain degree) at the same time!

And you get to set more than one finger into the system, so no worries about injuries on that important finger or switching to one hand to unlock.

| From

5. iOS 8 

If you're a 4s user, and you've listened to all the advice around the net, or from your friends like me, you would have stayed with you iOS 7 despite the rolling out of the iOS 8. Never tried it, but I truly believe that the phone is not compatible to support such a heavy system that was designed for a much faster and bigger phone.

Nothing much about the new OS; some new apps, widgets in the notification center, and dictation on the keyboard area (which I found useless and closed it).

6. Battery

Maybe it's because it's a new phone, maybe because my 4s battery was just too old-aged to function properly anymore, but I was totally amazed by the battery life of my new phone.

Charged full once. And the battery lasted me for 2 full days.

Go on, let your jaw drop. For this smartphone era, it's a rare sight when you don't need to charge your phone at least once per day.

Of course, it wasn't on heavy use, and I was busy with work so it was just left there most of the time, but I had my location services, wifi and 3G on. Still pretty impressive.

On average, I survive on just the battery for one whole day, and that's with heavy usage of data and social media/communication apps on all the time. Good enough.


Overall, I'm pretty grateful I got this new phone. Here's to hoping it last for another 3 years! Based on the current flow,  I predict I'll be just in time for iPhone 7.



Wednesday, November 5, 2014 |

Since around 4 years ago I have became a strong believer in the Law of Attraction. And other than its main theory of like attracting like, a big part of the Law of Attraction is about gratitude- being grateful for the past, the present and the future.

There have been times when I forgot about this important aspect in life, but time to time I still come back to it. Be grateful for what you have now, and you will be rewarded with more, and better things.

Its easy to feel gratitude in life. Feel thanks for everything around you, down to the air you breath in and the water you drink. Or even the computer you own which you are using to read this right now. Such a simple practice, yet many neglect it.

And with gratitude, only more good things would be attracted to you. It's really just that simple.

What can you give thanks to for today? Just take 17 seconds off from whatever you are doing and think about it. The amount of things you can think of may surprise you. =)

I'm giving thanks to you for reading this,

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